Chinese Dota 2 News: Coach xiao8 30 day suspension by PSG.LGD. Reasons and context explored.

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|Published December 06, 2021

PSG LGD xiao8 suspension by the team executives over allegations from his wife came into notice. What reasons led to current circumstances?

China is praying for a TI title since 2017. The once-feared all-conquering region is now reduced to legends from old times.

For some reason, the Chinese Gods cannot go past their limit in Grand Finals. They stay in the Upper brackets, yet get absolutely annihilated in the semi-finals or the grand finals.

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The trend is pretty much the same for all PSG.LGD, the last of Chinese Gods. Two times in the Grand Finals at The International could not guarantee them an Aegis.

At the moment, their longtime team member/coach is wrapped in controversy. Xiao8 ‘s own wife alleged crimes against him, one that belittles the hope and respect for Dota 2 community in China.

The Chinese corruption problem and current allegations on xiao8.

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The Chinese eSports organisations never had smooth operations. The reason lies in the greed and corruption of Team members.

Multiple reports over years have arisen about the corruption within team ranks. More so, because of the financial stress involved to run the team.

PSG.LGD performed spectacularly well during The International 10, finishing second place. For the second time in the association’s history, the team reached the Grand Finals of TI.

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Team Spirit had a 2-0 lead over PSG.LGD when the Chinese squad rallied and tied the game 2-2. On the final game of the series, it all looked like Team Spirit’s cinderella run would come to an end, festering under the experience and veteran of PSG.LGD.

But also, fans noted that PSG.LGD’s draft in Game 5 was odd, and that it led to the squad’s loss against the upstart CIS crew. Numerous questioned xiao8’s draft for that game and called him out for allegedly throwing the game in favour of Team Spirit.

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Why has PSG.LGD suspended xiao8?

About a week after, xiao8 ’s ex-wife came out on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. She insisted that xiao8 has had adulterous affairs.

She stated he has a gambling problem. Xiao8 ‘s wife said that he bets on Dota 2 games. This lent further credence to the rumours that the Chinese veteran threw the TI10 Grand Finals for a bet.

In fact, his ex-wife made public screenshots of a gambling website.  She showed that xiao8 has been staking on Dota 2 pro matches months leading up to TI10.

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Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that there has been no solid evidence yet showing that xiao8 had in fact bet against his own squad on the TI10 Grand Finals. It is all circumstantial at the moment.

Hence, PSG.LGD is taking precautions. As a result, PSG LGD xiao8 suspension for 30 days may be the best thing to do.

Eventually, his name will clear up if there is no wrongdoing. At the moment, he might just be a scapegoat.

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