Cover Image for “Lewis Hamilton is a 5″8 vegan p*ssy”- Andrew Tate disrespects seven-time World Champion and says he can beat him in F1

“Lewis Hamilton is a 5″8 vegan p*ssy”- Andrew Tate disrespects seven-time World Champion and says he can beat him in F1

Somin Bhattacharjee
|Mon Aug 15 2022

Andrew Tate openly disrespected seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton while at an F1 race by making fun of his height and personal life. 

Andrew Tate is arguably one of the most controversial internet figures today. He is a former professional kickboxer, but that is not what people know him for. His videos on social media platforms like TikTok, where he openly disrespects women and makes vile comments towards others have helped him gain immense popularity.

His popularity skyrocketed in 2022 when his name became more searched on Google than that of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Sadly for F1 fans, his words have also managed to find their way into the sport.

While attending an F1 race, Tate along with his entourage did his best to make themselves relevant by disrespecting Lewis Hamilton, who is one of the greatest sportspersons of all time.

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Andrew Tate says he will break Lewis Hamilton’s spine

Tate began the ‘slander’ by suggesting he could easily beat anyone in a Formula 1 car. Then, his brother Tristan began making fun of how small Hamilton was. The group started by making fun of Hamilton’s short height, and took it all the way to make fun of the Brit’s personal life.

“If Lewis Hamilton got out of his car,” Tristan Tate began. “And I had to fight him for his car, he’s like this tall.” He then resorts to disrespecting him further by calling him a p*ssy.

“Break his Spine! Snap it! Like crumble him into a ball.”

A man standing next to them then points out that the Mercedes star is vegan too, which leads to more disgusting jokes from the 35-year-old’s entourage.

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Andrew Tate disrespects Lewis Hamilton and ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger

Hamilton was a in a six-year relationship with Nicole Scherzinger which ended in 2015, but that did not stop Tristan Tate from bringing it up. He goes on to state that she had multiple partners before, and Hamilton ‘would not be making an impression’ compared to them.

It’s a surprise that F1 did not take any action against Tate or his friends for the comments he made especially since it was in the VIP section of a track. It’s even more surprising that social media giants continue to allow him to post similar messages on these platforms without repercussions, and they continue to send the wrong message to an entire generation of young men who seem to follow and idolize him.

Recently, after his surge in popularity, some social media figures have started to take a stand. They are asking for Tik Tok and Instagram to take action against Tate, so that he cannot continue to post videos like this again.


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