Cover Image for Charles Barkley calls $200 million Kevin Durant “a cadaver” on national television as The Slim Reaper hands off his jersey to Drake

Charles Barkley calls $200 million Kevin Durant “a cadaver” on national television as The Slim Reaper hands off his jersey to Drake

Akash Murty
|Wed Aug 17 2022

Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant have a had roasting each other kind of relationship for a long time, it was at its peak when the latter was in Golden State.

Two things Charles Barkley loves the most in his job as an NBA analyst since taking it up as his primary gig after retiring from the NBA are taking on the Warriors fans and going after Kevin Durant.

While the latter one has several reasons and has even got him some minor victories in his back and forth with The Slim Reaper, he has mostly lost against the Dubs Nation because of the success the Warriors have had over the years.

His rivalry with GSW fans dates back a long time but the KD one started when Stephen Curry lost the 2016 NBA Finals to LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and added Durant to that squad which defeated his own OKC Thunder in the WCF.

For years to come, Chuck kept trolling KD for several reasons including that but a particular body shaming joke from those days might be the most hilarious one by the Chuckster.

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Charles Barkley called Kevin Durant a dead body on national television and suggested him to chug some hamburgers

Back in November 2018, when Kawhi Leonard and Co gave the trailer of what they would have in store for the defending NBA champions and handed them a 131-128 loss in overtime, Inside the NBA was having its own fun as usual on the sets of TNT when KD took off his jersey to give it to Drake.

The Round Mound of Rebounds sounded surprised by seeing Durant’s physique and wondered if he was seeing a dead body hilariously saying “Is that a cadaver?”.

And after his colleagues had their laughter, Ernie Johnson reminded him that KD just had a 51/11/6 game to which Chuck responded with another great joke saying “He’d have 55 if he had a hamburger!”

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Nobody in the media business is as funny as Barkley in his heyday, that said the man shouldn’t body-shame someone, not for sure a slim guy like Durant.

Having dealt with weight issues throughout his career, the legend should know better.



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