On a night when the stars of yesteryear descended in Chennai, the most loved football player in the last 20 years made his Premier Futsal bow. Ronaldinho played in India for the first time in his legendary career and one look at how his opponents greeted him before the match told you the significance of the man as Goa vs Kolkata took place as the second match on the opening night of Premier Futsal.

European soccer champion, Barcelona FC, had his first training session in Los Angeles on the campus of Loyola Marymount University on Saturday, August 5, 2006.They will face Chivas Guadalajara on Sunday, August 6, 2006 at the Memorial Coliseum. Ronaldinho. RAFAEL AMADO/PI, prensa-internacional.com

While Goa had Ronaldinho, Kolkata had Hernan Crespo leading the line. Kolkata began well as they took charge of the proceedings. Their passing was quicker, crisper and more accurate than Goa’s. Ronaldinho found himself isolated for far too long and was unable to influence the proceedings.

Kolkata take charge of Goa vs Kolkata !

Kolkata quickly took the lead and then soon after doubled it as the first quarter came to a close. Ronaldinho was barely an influence as shrugged off the field in a disappointing display in Goa vs Kolkata.

Goa came out for the second quarter without their superstar brazilian. While their fans would have been disappointed by that decision, it was one that was immediately vindicated as Goa pulled one back.


But that joy did not last for long as Hernan Crespo scored his first goal in Premier Futsal at the other end. While this match did not have the intensity and quality of the first match, the individual skills and tricks wowed the audience.

A Late fightback in Goa vs Kolkata!

Goa were able to take the match into the last quarter with the scoreline reading 3-2. With all to play for Goa were looking for some inspiration from their captain.

It was only in the final quarter that Ronaldinho re entered the fray.  But Kolkata proved to be just a little bit better than Goa in the match. Ronaldinho tried to influence the match a bi more but to no avail.

Kolkata were able to get one more and came close to extending their lead. The match finished with an identical scoreline of the preceding match, 4-2.

One the night of superstars, the biggest star of them all lost but that did not dim the appreciation that the Chennai crowd showed for Ronaldinho in the Goa vs Kolkata match.