$175 Billion Worth Elon Musk Offers Red Bull a $100K Challenge Following Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix was an event packed with celebrities. From actors to the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk were all in attendance.

Although Musk just attended one day of the event, he was a guest for Red Bull racing.

He spent a considerable amount of time interacting with the members of the team in pit lane and even suggested a $100k wager.

According to an interview Christian Horner gave, Tesla chief Musk challenged the Red Bull racing team to a race for $100k.

However, Musk withdrew the challenge after he realized that his car could probably do only half the race distance.

Nevertheless, with the sport moving towards more cleaner sources of energy it would not be a shock to see Tesla get involved in the sport in the near future.

Although neither Musk nor Tesla has hinted at it.