A Closer Look at Francis Ngannou’s Multi-Million Dollar Contract With the PFL

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou recently signed a deal with PFL, we take a closer look at what all his new deal includes.

For starters, Ngannou will be paid in millions, although he did not specify the number he shared that he will be paid in the 'high' seven figures.

Ngannou will be free to box in 2023 and will join the PFL heavyweight tournament in 2024.

Ngannou's opponent will have a guarantee of $2 million to face him.

'The Predator' will have the the right to have his own sponsors inside the ring.

He will have a seat at the board of directors and will represent fighters advocating for their rights.

Finally, Francis Ngannou will have an ownership stake in PFL Africa and will play a key role in the development of MMA in Africa through PFL

He will also receive a signing bonus and a monthly salary to be a brand ambassador for PFL.