Former F1 Team Boss Urges Lewis Hamilton to End Decades Old Mercedes Relationship

Lewis Hamilton has been with Mercedes for a long time now. Their partnership has seen him win six drivers titles and the team eight constructors titles

Unfortunately for the team and Lewis the new regulations have pushed them out of race wins and title contention.

Lewis' contract expires at the end of this season and both him and Mercedes have stated that a renewal is what both parties want.

However, till pen is not put to paper, there will always be rumours around Lewis' next move.

Many believe he will look at options outside Mercedes as he does not have a lot of time left in the sport and Mercedes is not the dominant force it used to be.

In a recent podcast, former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan urged Lewis to leave Mercedes just like he did at McLaren.

He said, "He needs to move on. Just like he did when he was with McLaren. Get out of Mercedes, Lewis."

Jordan continued, "It’s time you reinvent yourself somewhere else."