6’6″ Charles Barkley riles his brother Michael Jordan during his first analysis for NBA on TNT 

Charles Barkley made for himself a good name in the NBA due to his amazing performance. But his career ended because of a serious knee injury. 

But today is no time to discuss the sad events. Today, let’s take a quick look at a video of Charles Barkley covering his first Halftime Report on NBA on TNT. 

Charles was accompanied by Ernie Johnson for broadcasting as he does an amazing job of breaking down the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks.

In 1992, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan were becoming good friends. The duo (were the 2 best and most dominant NBA players at the time).

Barkley glorified his friend Jordan and cheered him. Barkley also continued to say that Knicks can not do anything to stop MJ. 

At the end of the video, MJ is questioned about his thoughts on his friend Barkley supporting the Portland Trailblazers over his Bulls if they advanced to the finals. 

Jordan just chuckled and said, “I know Charles, he’s trying to drive me crazy, he’s trying to make me competitive and I appreciate that Charles, what a great friend!” Charles simply responded, “I love Michael like a brother!“.