Charles Barkley Gained 20 Pounds At Denny’s In 48 Hours To Avoid Being Drafted By Philadelphia

Charles Barkley is often referred to as “Round Mound Of Rebound” due to his physical appearance. But one thing that most of us didn’t know before this is that this nickname can be dated back to before his debut in NBA! 

Prior to the 1984 Draft, Barkley gained 20 pounds by eating at Denny's! 

Back in 2018, Barkley revealed on the Ryen Russillo’s ESPN Podcast ‘The Rusillo Show’ that he didn’t want the Sixers to draft him and pay him only $75,000. 

He was required to weigh 285 pounds in order to be selected fifth overall by the organization. 

Barkley worked to reduce his weight to a pitiful 282 pounds to meet their criteria before being informed of the wage ceiling.

But when he understood that not reaching that weight goal may mean earning more money, he came up with a solution. 

Barkley relied on Denny’s The Grand Slam Breakfast for weight gain. He ordered two every morning just to get those extra pounds! 

He weighed 302 pounds with Philadelphia after his second day at Denny's!