Dennis Rodman Had A Teammate Who ‘f**ked his ex-wife’ Before A Game

The Bulls forward is known best for his defensive intensity, and his ability to play the inside game well. It’s why he was given the nickname of ‘The Worm,’ slithering and sliding his way into tight spaces.

Rodman joined the Bulls in the 1995-96 season, and the results were phenomenal. Rodman ignited a tough Bulls defense that already had studs in Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper, and of course, Jordan too. 

Dennis Rodman has gone through a lot during his NBA career, and the Bulls legend has had several struggles with his marriages too. Let's take a quick look at when he opened up about this on national television!

In October 2022, VH1 aired ‘The Surreal’ where 8 celebrities, August Alsina, CJ Perry, Frankie Muniz, Kim Coles, Many MUA, Stormy Daniels, Tamar Baxton, and Dennis Rodman remained unfiltered in a massive house.

In a trailer for the show, we can hear Dennis Rodman recounting a wild story involving one of his teammates and one of his ex-wives. 

He said that he had a teammate who ‘f**ked his ex-wife,’ and then he had to go and play a game with that teammate that very night. Rodman’s story starts at about 19 seconds in.

We’re not sure who the wife is or who the teammate is, but having to play a game with that person after learning about such a thing must have been incredibly difficult.

Rodman is no stranger to wilder encounters with women. While the situation with his teammate is incredibly messed up, Rodman himself has been unfaithful.

He admitted as much to Oprah Winfrey. He’s also revealed the exact number of people he’s slept with. “[I’ve been with] more than 2,000 women, of which at least 500 were prostitutes."

Rodman has previously been married to Carmen Electra, Annie Bakes, and Michelle Moyer. Rodman has also had some crazy encounters with Madonna.