LeBron James’ I Promise School, Which costs $8 Million in Taxpayer Money Each Year, is Better Than 99% of Schools 

LeBron James is having the time of his life as a prominent name in the NBA. Apart from a successful career, LeBron gives back to the community as much as possible. 

LeBron spent his childhood in Akron, Ohio which was a poor neighbourhood. This made him understand the importance of a good school. 

James inaugurated I Promise School in 2018, which took four years to completely open and finally began in 2022.

The school costed $8 million in taxpayers money which was criticised by the public and media even when it was in good light for the welfare of society.

In a startling metric reveal, James’ school happens to be 99% better than other schools.

In LeBron’s school, they have a longer school year, free meals, and 8-hour school days, they are also granted tuition for college.