LeBron James Once Received A "You're Not Invited" Message From Michael Phelps After Being Excluded From A Special NBA Team Match

Nobody has ever dominated swimming quite like Michael Phelps. The "flying fish". After his historic Olympic performance in 2008 in Beijing, Phelps established himself as a "feared" athlete not just in swimming but in all sports.

In their respective fields, the Michaels both made their marks. Even though there are many stories of Michael Jordan intimidating people, LeBron James, a legendary NBA player, once expressed the "Phelps dread" in a speech.

Athletes would rather watch Phelps perform than compete against him. In 2016, Basketball superstar LeBron James won Sports Illustrated’s Sports Person of the Year award. And he included Phelps in his speech.

James’ said, “There were so many unbelievable achievements in 2016, and we’ve seen so many great athletes.” He added, “Obviously, Mike Phelps, you got — we talk about you at the crib so much, man. You are literally a fish."

"Like, I have no idea how you do what you do. You would definitely win the game that me and my boys play — let’s see who can stay under the water the longest and not come up. You’re not invited to that game, by the way.”

The two have had a chat with each other occasionally. But roughly a month after the ceremony, the world would see another interaction between the two legends.

Rare is the occasion when LBJ is not THE most accomplished athlete inside a basketball arena. One such instance was when Michael Phelps dropped by to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Phoenix Suns at their home court.

 James threw in a monster two-handed dunk early in the fourth quarter and pointed towards Michael. 

Talking about the same, Phelps said, “It’s just funny. I was just talking to people who were sitting around us, and they were like, ‘Did he just point at you, or is he pointing at me?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t really know.’ And then he drills a 3. It was awesome.”