When Wayne Gretzky Shamed Michael Jordan At A Las Vegas Casino! 

Ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once swiped the $5 tip that NBA legend Michael Jordon gave a server for his drink and replaced it with $100!

Michael Jordan was absolutely phenomenal during his time in the NBA, establishing himself as arguably the greatest player of all time.

He was also the Defensive Player Of The Year in 1987–88, however many people overlook this fact. His flawless shooting, ball handling, amazing movements, and defensive prowess determined the results of games.

 On the court, Wayne Gretzky displayed a similar level of dominance. He scored over 894 goals and 2857 assists in 20 seasons in the NHL.

The six-time NBA champion enjoyed playing golf and gambling frequently. He used to travel to Las Vegas frequently as a result. From all the many Jordan tales we've heard over the years, MJ almost always comes out on top.

However, on one such visit to Vegas, Jordan was shown up by Ice Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

The incident in question apparently took place in Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, where both sports stars were gambling together.

Jordan and Gretzky were gambling when a waitress brought them their drinks. MJ gave her a $5 chip as a tip, until Gretzky stopped her, took that chip from her, and replaced it with a $100 chip. 

He then turned to Michael Jordan and told him "that's how we tip in Las Vegas, Michael." 

No one really has accounts of how Jordan reacted to this incident. However, with it being one of the only times Jordan has been embarrassed in public, one can assume he would have taken it with a pinch of salt.