Top Five Wildest Rob Gronkowski Moments of All Time

Today on his birthday, we take a look at some of the wildest Rob Gronkowski moments over the years.

Buys a Party Bus

Gronkowski added a party bus to his fleet of cars a few years back, It was sponsored by Body Armour, which includes a high-end sound system, a mini bar, multiple televisions, and custom upholstery.

Partying Away a Loss

After a crushing defeat to the New York Giants at SuperBowl XLVI, Gronk got over the loss by partying on stage with LMFAO with a sprained ankle.

Gronk Spikes

Gronk Spikes after a touchdown have become trademarked celebration for the tight end. 

Crashing a White House Press Conference

In 2017, Gronk crashed a White House press conference being delivered by Sean Spicer the former secretary.

Party Bus Celebrations

After winning his most recent SuperBowl with the Bucs, Gronk went wild with the post-win celebrations, most notably tossing the Lombardi trophy to teammates on another boat.