“I Will Be Out Soon”: Andrew Tate Hints At Release From Romanian Jail

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate got arrested back in December 2022 from their house in Romania on charges of human trafficking and money laundering.

However, the brothers have been claiming that these charges are baseless and they are innocent. The investigation is still going on. 

Despite of all the drama, Tate has been managing to post almost daily on his Instagram and communicating with his fans through social media. 

There is a youtube channel called 'Braso' who regularly posts updates about the case of Andrew Tate on his channel. The gamer recently revealed an email that he received from the 'Top G'. 

According to the mail, Tate believes that his conviction will be lifted shortly.

“It is not smooth. It is not easy. But when I exit this cell. I will be able to play like my father did. I will surpass the need for a chessboard. What will you have accomplished by the time I leave this cell? I will be out soon. Tick Tock. -Tate”

Tate has been communicating with his fans via email for the past few weeks. To measure his followers' degree of loyalty, the Top G has started sending his supporters cryptic messages.