Famous Po*n Star Kendra Lust Enjoys Hilarious Exchange Between MMA Stars!!

 Sean Strickland was recently a guest on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. During his appearance on the programme, Strickland made the funny remark that Helwani doesn't seem to be a true fan of MMA.

But none could have predicted what happened next, as Ariel Helwani went on to utterly demolish Sean Strickland. Adult film star Kendra Lust responded to the viral video of the same name that has recently gone around.

Ariel Helwani went on the attack and said that he has been covering MMA since the days when it wasn't even cool to talk about it when Sean Strickland said that he doesn't seem to be a real MMA fan.

He strongly argued that, in 2001, he was battling so that the MMA community would be covered at a time when fans weren't taking the sport seriously. Helwani also made the funny remark in the video that Sean Strickland was most likely in the fourth grade when he began reporting on the sport.

Kendra Lust, a well-known adult film star, appears to have thoroughly enjoyed their conversation. In response to the video that Ariel Helwani shared on Twitter, she said: "let him know."