Joe Rogan Slammed by WWE Legend for Dwayne Johnson Steroid Accusations

Apart from being one of the most famous commentators in the world, Joe Rogan runs his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, where he sits down to discuss a variety of topics and give out his opinions. 

Joe Rogan is one such individual who doesn’t hesitate to put forward his views and opinions about anything. This has landed him in a lot of controversies on multiple occasions. This is exactly what happened this time as well! 

This time Rogan commented on how he doesn’t think that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is natural. He believes that he has taken Performance Enhancing Drugs over the years to get the physique he has at the moment.

Furthermore, Rogan insisted this multiple times during the podcast that The Rock shall come clean about his use of steroids as it creates wrong expectations and goals for people who aspire to become like him one day. 

WWE legend Rikishi, who is also Johnson’s cousin, did not hold back while replying to the steroid accusations made against his brother in an interview with Inside Fighting. He spoke about how his cousin was not on steroids.

Rikishi suggested that this amazing physique was a result of their Polynesian genetics. He continued by saying that ‘The Rock’ doesn’t waste his time in parties like most of the people, and instead devote this time on his body and health.

Joe Rogan once predicted that the Liver King was enhanced as well which later came out to be true after Liver King admitted this himself. A person like Rogan who’s into the fitness line himself from a long time, can estimate if a person is natural or enhanced. 

Only time will tell if Joe Rogan is right about ‘The Rock’ too or it actually is his Polynesian genetics as stated by his cousin, Rikishi.