Savannah White: Everything about Dana White’s Daughter

Dana White who serves as the president of UFC lives a very private life. Not much is available about his personal life and family. His daughter, Savannah White is the youngest in the White Family. 

Today, let's take a quick look at who Savannah is and everything that we know about her. 

Savannah White is the daughter of Dana White and Anne White and the youngest in the family. She lives a flamboyant life inside the White Mansion. She has two brothers, Dana White III, and Aidan White.

Savannah White is currently in her academic years and is currently just 16 years old. She is not old enough to earn on her own at the moment but considering that his father has a net worth of $500 million, that shouldn't be a problem for her. 

Savannah, just like the rest of the family, does not have a very public and social life on the internet. She does have a really private Instagram account though. 

Dana White do have a strong presence in her life which was evident by a social media post by Savannah on father's day which was reposted by Dana on his Instagram story. 

The post had an image of the father and daughter with a caption, “You’re my favorite human on this planet. I couldn’t ask for anyone better no matter how annoying you are I love you dad 💓