Joe Rogan Once Claimed LeBron James ‘Would Have F*cked Everybody’ If He Was In MMA

LeBron James has achieved it all in the world of basketball. Given his big stature and strong physique, people often wonder how the big guy will perform in the world of MMA…if he ever decides to step into that universe!

Given his athleticism, IQ, and tremendous physique, how LeBron’s performance will turn out in MMA was once analyzed by UFC commentator, Joe Rogan. 

He stands tall at 6’9 and weighs in at around 250lbs. Considering his body measurements, he will be an ideal fighter in the heavyweight category. 

In 2017, Rogan comedian Bryan Callen and Joe Rogan sat down for a podcast and were discussing numerous topics. LeBron James became a topic of discussion in between. Rogan had some intriguing thoughts about the NBA star. 

Rogan said, “Well, see, if a guy like that [LeBron] was fighting, everybody would be f*ked. They’re lucky, they’re goddamn lucky. That guy’s gonna beat your fking a. He’s a winner, there’s just a certain level of winners, and he’d do whatever the f*k he wants.”

James was instilled with a winning attitude from the moment he entered the NBA, as evident by Rogan's statement. This makes Rogan believe that he can perform well in the MMA as well. 

Rogan has been a part of UFC since its formative years so his analysis must be on point and not an overstatement!