Brock Lesnar Once Revealed How Vince McMahon And The Rock Tricked Him To Lose A Match Clean

Before the year is up, The Rock appears to be returning to WWE. A while ago, Brock Lesnar revealed how McMahon and The Rock tricked him to lose a bout! 

“When Dwayne and I got in the ring together, we could both tell that we had instant chemistry. I know we stole the show,” Lesnar said of their first match together, a triple-threat with Triple H.

“Dwayne also knew that it wasn’t only right for business to put me over clean, but that Vince had it in his own head that The Rock should lose clean to Brock Lesnar," said Lesnar himself explaining in his autobiography.

“If Dwayne wanted the door open for a return, he had to keep Vince happy and have him think that ‘Dwayne always gave back to the company, looked after what was right for the business.’ 

They did eventually cross paths again at SummerSlam 2002, during which Lesnar was crowned. Rock then left WWE to work on a movie, and he wouldn't come back until early 2003.

The Rock skillfully ensured that he would receive his victory back from Lesnar. Rock demanded that Lesnar give him back his victory during a house show in his hometown.

Lesnar said, “If someone from the company had called me and said ‘Hey Brock, would you mind doing a job for The Rock this weekend in Miami?’ it wouldn’t have been a big deal to me. I owed him that much."

“I figured when the time was right, we would all sit down, and Jack (road agent) would tell us how Vince wanted the match to end. No reason to believe this show was any different from all the others." 

“It was about an hour and a half before we were supposed to step into the ring for the main event of the evening, and Dwayne says to me, ‘…and that’s when I’ll hit you with the Rock Bottom, one… two… three!’” 

“Dwayne made it seem like he thought I knew he was supposed to beat me, and that he was shocked I didn’t. ‘I told you about things like this’” Dwayne said. ‘A lot of shit falls through the cracks, you gotta stay on top of Vince about everything.’ 

 “So I went to Lanza and said, ‘Jack, tell me what the hell is going on here… I’m the WWE Champion, and I’m losing tonight? Why didn’t anyone tell me?’ 

“Jack’s only reply was, ‘Well, it’s a non-title match!’ What the hell did that mean? I never knew that my title wasn’t on the line that night. I never knew that I was supposed to lose to the Rock. ‘It’s Miami,’ Jack said. “No one will ever know!” 

“That night changed my attitude toward the WWE, because it’s when I started to feel Vince was a manipulating bastard, and that I was being played,” concluded Lesnar!