John Cena Once Slept With a 280lbs Female Fan on a Dare From the WWE Roster 

John Cena has achieved it all in the world of wrestling as well as acting! He has earned for himself a special place in WWE as well as Hollywood by his spectacular performances. 

It won't come as a surprise to anyone that Cena has been able to pull multiple WWE divas in the past, thanks to his amazing physique and good looks. But what most of us probably don't know already is that Cena once charmed a 280lbs woman! 

In his rookie years, he was dared by fellow wrestlers in the roster to sleep with a woman. Cena accepted the challenge! 

Back in 2006, John Cena revealed on The Howard Stern Show that he once had an amazing sexual encounter with a large woman! He also confirmed that the challenge was presented by the boys in the locker room. 

“Believe it or not, there was an instance not too long ago where I hit the 280 mark. She took me home. I didn’t take her home,” said John Cena. 

“Well, first, it was kind of challenge set out to me by the entire roster. And it was like, it was a thing where, ‘you won’t do it.’ Then she walks away, and then the boys start getting on, ‘yeah, you won’t do it.’ 

And I said, ‘not only will I do it, I’ll enjoy it.’ And I did. It was a great night,” Cena added. He continued by saying that he doesn’t discriminate between ugly and pretty women.