Vince McMahon Was Once Offered Money by a Wrestler’s Sugar Daddy to Make Her WWE Women’s Champion

It was recently revealed by a prominent name of WWE that Vince McMahon was once offered cash in exchange of a title by a female wrestler’s sugar daddy! 

This exciting information was revealed by Bruce Prichard on the Something to Wrestle podcast. He also revealed McMahon’s reaction to this. 

“There was a G.L.O.W. girl that had a sugar daddy who got a meeting with Vince McMahon, and this guy was wanting to pay for his girlfriend to be the WWF [WWE] Champion, and he wanted to pay us to have her work with whoever the champion was at the time.”

Prichard described the money-wielding “sugar daddy” as “large, bald and smoked cigars.”

Prichard stated his amazement at getting the meeting after passing through the personal assistants of the WWE Executive Chairman.

Prichard also talked on the podcast about how Vince reacted to this. “And Vince listens, thanked him very much, wrapped the meeting up rather quickly, and they left.”