“You Australian Man Wh*re”: Dwayne Johnson Hurt Chris Hemsworth’s Feelings With Unique Song, Called Him the Worst Chris in Hollywood

Dwayne Johnson had an amazing career in WWE before switching to Hollywood. He is currently the most paid actor in the hollywood and a global sensation. 

It seems like Johnson is good friends with Chris Hemsworth. Back in 2018, Dwayne sent him birthday wishes via a compilation video. The video was absolutely hilarious!

On 11th of August 2018, Hemsworth’s inbox was full with birthday wishes from fans as well as fellow actors and celebrities. One birthday wish though, which caught everyone’s attention was from ‘The Rock’.

The video consisted of Dwayne singing a birthday song for Hemsworth while working out in his gym, ‘Iron Paradise’.

“Here in the iron paradise, I am training legs, Saturday night, focused, getting better. But I just found out it was a buddy of mine’s birthday, so I paused the music, paused my workout and I am sending him some birthday love because that’s what friends are for”

“Happy birthday to Thor, you are Australian man-wh*re, you’re the greatest Chris and thats a fact, after Evans, Pine, and Pratt. Happy birthday you hansome son of a b*tch Chris Hemsworth. I send you a lot of love man from down here in the iron paradise”

Hemsworth commented on the video thanking him. The song was absolutely hilarious and it seems like both of them are good friends.