Mason Mount Shows Pinch Perfect Accuracy To Take Out Bottle During Training

Gautam Kapoor
|Published April 17, 2021

The Chelsea midfielder wheeled away in celebration upon connecting with the bottle

Over the last couple of months, Mason Mount has dispelled his naysayers in some style. The Chelsea midfielder has been in the form of his life ever since Thomas Tuchel has taken over to show why he’s become such an integral part of Chelsea’s team in such a short period.

Mount’s Pin Point Strike

And his sprawling skill set was documented once again during Chelsea’s latest practice session. The Chelsea midfielder was seen involved in trying to strike a water bottle from ten yards out alongside peers Ben Chilwell, Reece James and Tammy Abraham.

And Mount ended up winning the challenge has he struck the bottle cleanly before running away in judicious celebrations.

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Chelsea will be wishing the midfielder is able to emulate the same accuracy infront of goal when Mount steps out to take on City on Saturday. The two clubs will be facing off in the first semi-final of the FA Cup today.

Chelsea head honcho Thomas Tuchel meanwhile spoke about the impending affair and what he envisaged from the matchup.

“I don’t feel that both teams are like chess teams. I think English football, City’s game, our game is about intensity without the ball. So I expect a very high-intensity, demanding match,” Tuchel said.

“City define themselves with a clear DNA and style. They want the ball, high possession, high ball recoveries. We want that too so we have to fight for these moments and make them suffer.

“We have to be on point and have precision with our passing and position if we want to hurt them. Then we need to be on them every minute, that we do not allow easy chances and exploitation of spaces between our lines.

“We need to be very brave, play with courage, be adventurous and do what’s needed. It’s a big challenge and it’s the right moment for us to face a challenge like this. I expect a tough challenge a physical game. I hope we catch the moments where we can make them suffer so it becomes an even game.”

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