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Editorial Guidelines

The SportsRush is resolute in its duty to present authentic and unbiased stories to its readers. We are uncompromising in asserting the highest standards of journalistic integrity, and take pride in producing content that is concise, extensively researched, and thoroughly fact-checked. We strictly adhere to Google’s search policy by ensuring that our articles never mislead users or harass any individuals of interest featured in them.


This level of commitment is made possible by a multi-layered system comprising reporters, editors, and content strategists, who are dedicated to upholding our editorial guidelines every step of the way. Hence, even though it is human to err, we try to ensure that all content is accurate and error-free through an extensive editorial process as detailed below:


  • Content Strategists scour the Internet and social media platforms before pitching engaging, exciting and unique content that will connect with our readers.
  • These pitches are then handed over to the writer along with detailed structures to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • While working, writers strive to uphold our commitment to extensive research and accuracy .
  • Once the article is completed, the writer conducts a preliminary round of checks where minor grammatical and/or spelling mistakes are smoothed out.
  • Following that, the article is passed over to an editor, who fact-checks it thoroughly, before fixing the structure, flow, and language wherever required.
  • In the rare event of an article not satisfying our strict editorial guidelines, it is sent back to be re-written.
  • Eventually, once all checks are completed and the article meets our standards, it is published on the website for all to read.


Even after undergoing an extensive editorial process, if an error is discovered in the article, readers can contact us via email at, and we will promptly address it in accordance with our correction policy.