About Us

We are a team of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade graduates who are passionate about sports and want to revolutionise the way sport is perceived in our country and in the world.

We believe that sport helps people realise their emotions, whether it is by playing, watching or just talking about it. And we want to be that group of people who can help people realise these emotions.

We aim to bring the entire sporting fraternity by giving them the opportunity to book grounds/courts, events and tournaments through The SportsRush

We want people to feel the ‘Rush’, just as we do, and help spread it all around.

Contact us at [email protected]

Utkarsh Bhatla

A complete sports buff who feels that sports is the solution to everything that is wrong with the world. A Manchester United and Roger Federer fan, Utkarsh wants to help people embrace their emotions through sport.

Rajit Pal Singh

Love for sports and management has led to him being a part of The SportsRush. He wishes to take sports to the next level in India and believes that India can become a sporting superpower in the true sense of the word.

Samarth Karan

A Manchester United and Mumbai Indians fan, sports has always been his love and passion. He plays it hard and fair, be it life or sports. Leading the Sales and Marketing division, he wants to share the emotion of sports with each and everyone out there.

Siddharth Nair

Siddharth is an avid sports fan, with a youthful zeal for life. He is a passionate Gooner and has a strong opinion on anything and everything related to Football. A massive wrestling fan he loves to give an insightful opinion on the wrestling industry as a whole.

Anshul Kothari

He is an avid follower of cricket, the passion for sports and sketching drives him to cartoonize day to day sporting events for the ToonRush© column of the SportsRush.

Aniket Kibe

Liverpool fanatic and follows majority of sports. An emotional connect with sports which helps him to deal with the pressure of the hectic MBA Life. His sporting inspirations are Steven Gerrard and Rahul Dravid.

Ashish Mishra

He is a trivia lover and is enthusiastic about Olympic sports and Cricket. A Liverpool and Indian Hockey fan, Ashish loves to research and dig deep into any sport and come out with interesting trivia!


A vivacious and vibrant spirit, her love for design and sports has brought her as the creativity head at The SportsRush. She follows Virat Kohli and is a die-hard Royal Challenger Bangalore fan.


Popularly known as SRK, Sivaramakrishnan loves to watch test matches as it gives him respite from the rat race going on around him. He is an ardent Chelsea fan(few of the true ones) and loves the Chennai Super Kings.

Anuj Kansal

A content lover and an equal critique, Anuj’s love for the language and passion for the game of Cricket brought him to Sportsrush. A person fascinated by cartoons (loves Dragonball Z absolutely) and a believer in Justice League, his social media and analytics savvy on-boards him as the Social Media Executive at The Sportsrush.

Sitam Chaki

A Manchester United and Kolkata Knight Riders fanatic. He is also fascinated by the world of superheroes and GOT. He prays Indian Football could one day compete in the big league. He is the Boria Mazumdar of The SportsRush