3 Indian brother pairs who represented the national cricket team

Saksham Mishra
|Published 01/07/2018

Playing cricket for India is a huge thing in itself but when you represent the national cricket team, there is nothing that can top that.

Here are 3 Indian brother pairs who represented the national cricket team:

The Amarnath Brothers

Both Mohinder Amarnath and Surinder Amarnath played International cricket for India and were sons of the legendary Lala Amarnath. Till date, the Amarnath family remains one of the most widely respected families of the country.

Surinder Amarnath was an aggressive left-hander. He was a veteran in domestic cricket and scored loads of runs. However, Surinder  did not get ample chances at the biggest stage. Hence, he could not blossom for India.

Surinder ended his international career with a batting average of 30.55 across 10 Tests and a career best score of 124.

Mohinder Amarnath on the other hand was one of the most stubborn batsmen that India have ever produced. Mohinder was so good at his craft that even the best cricketers in the world could not resist but praise him. The likes of Imran Khan and Malcom Marshall spoke very highly of him. Mohinder was one of the few Indian batsmen to score over a 1000 runs in one season.

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The Pathan brothers

Long after the Amarnath brothers, the Pathan borthers came to the fore. Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan came from the Gujarat small town of Vadodra and took Indian cricket in their grasp. It was younger brother Irfan who first broke on to the scene with his swinging deliveries and became a star in no time.

Yusuf on the other hand is widely known for his explosive shot making. He bats at various positions, from opening to the middle order and is an asset for the side.  Yusuf was part of the Indian 2007 World Cup team. The two brothers have won India many-a-matches through their prowess.

The Pandya brothers

After the Pathan brothers, the city of Vadodra has produced another fine pair of brothers in Hardik Pandya and Krunal Pandya. The two brothers feature for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL and are expected to play together for India in the series against England.

Interestingly, the two drew inspiration from the Pathan brothers. “To be honest, the inspiration for us comes from Pathan brothers. They also came from the city where we are from. I have seen Irfan and Yusuf play and wanted to be like them.

“Once we were playing cricket at the U-19 level. We watched them play and I started dreaming that one day we will also play for Baroda together. It’s just the beginning for us and we have to go a long way,” Hardik told in an earlier interview.

The Pandya brothers consider themselves lucky that they can play together and it is like a dream come true for them.

“We’ve been very lucky that we have always played together. From our childhood we were dreaming to play together, at a good level. Finally we’re here. We are really happy to represent such a big franchise at the IPL,” Krunal says.


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