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Corrections Policy

The Sportsrush or (owned by R U Sport Private Limited) holds the utmost importance in high-quality journalism and in reporting verified and accurate details. We have a transparent corrections policy and encourage our readers to provide us with feedback or corrections if any are found in our content. In case of any mistakes, or factual errors, including quotes, numbers, or dates, we will strive to promptly rectify them. Our editorial team may rewrite certain portions of the article to make these corrections, grammatical or factual.

If an article is reported to be erroneous, we will take prompt action to duly evaluate it against facts and take corrective actions including rewriting parts of it or if necessary, even remove the article. In certain articles we may quote statistics or details that may change in the future. We may update them from time to time. If an image or video is found to have infringed copyrights, we shall promptly take action and remove that image or video.

You may reach out to us to share feedback or highlight any error in our articles by contacting us at our email ID: