About Us

We are a team of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade graduates who are passionate about sports and want to revolutionise the way sport is perceived in our country and in the world.

We believe that sport helps people realise their emotions, whether it is by playing, watching or just talking about it. And we want to be that group of people who can help people realise these emotions.

We aim to bring the entire sporting fraternity by giving them the opportunity to book grounds/courts, events and tournaments through The SportsRush

We want people to feel the ‘Rush’, just as we do, and help spread it all around.

Contact us at contact@thesportsrush.com

Utkarsh Bhatla

A complete sports buff who feels that sports is the solution to everything that is wrong with the world. A Manchester United and Roger Federer fan, Utkarsh wants to help people embrace their emotions through sport.

Rajit Pal Singh

Love for sports and management has led to him being a part of The SportsRush. He wishes to take sports to the next level in India and believes that India can become a sporting superpower in the true sense of the word.

Rishabh Gupta

A sports enthusiast. Sports, I believe, is one of the few powers which help us grow, both as an individual and society. With each day, in the rich world of sports, I become more enriched.

Jatin Hasija

Sports has been the Reason and Passion in my life. It has helped me to stay on my feet many times, therefore I want to do same to others with its help step by step.

Sudarshan Venkatesan

An ardent Liverpool fanatic, who follows both football and cricket lively. He wants to live with Sports for rest of his life. Devotee and relentless believer of Sachin Tendulkar, Steven Gerrard, and Jurgen Klopp

Dixit Bhargav

A cricket devotee who believes that Test cricket is the best format of the game. He is an avid Sourav Ganguly fan and India supporter but doesn’t mind other players and countries doing well.