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AITA willing to elect new president under uniform guidelines

Soumyadeep Paul

The AITA-government struggle

The AITA-government deadlock seems to be coming to a welcome end. AITA, currently derecognized by the Sports Ministry has decided to elect a new president as per the government guidelines. However, they call for uniformity in the same across all sport federations.

The ministry is looking for re-election of a new president within the next 90 days. This post has been lying vacant since the incumbent Anil Khanna refused a second term despite being elected.

The election of Mr. Anil Khanna

Anil Khanna was elected president after serving consecutive terms as secretary general. The federation elected him as a life president at the meeting on 3rd September. However, the government deems Khanna’s first presidential terms against the rules under Sports Code.

The Sports Code requires a cooling off period of four years if an office-bearer seeks re-election after serving two successive terms. However, the AITA secretary general Hironmoy Chatterjee denies flouting of any such rules. However, ITF, the world governing body for tennis, allows three consecutive terms as president.

The AITA secretary’s rebuttal

The AITA secretary has also said “I will call an SGM and conduct elections for the post of president. But first the government must give us the guidelines as to which amendments we need to carry out.”


He also argued that all AITA was following the same guidelines which the IOA adopted before being granted recognition. He earnestly asks the government to clarify the guidelines. Mr. Chatterjee also quipped “The government guidelines are not clear. They must clarify first and it has to be same for everyone. They can’t single us out.”

AITA claims that Khanna did not seek re-election as secretary general but was elected as president in June 2012. Moreover, the body says that there were no instructions that a person, who has served as secretary general, cannot become president without serving cooling-off period.

The Sportsrush hopes that this issue is resolved amicably as soon as possible.

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Soumyadeep Paul

Soumyadeep Paul


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