Andres Iniesta speaks about Barcelona’s current issues

Aryan Sinha
|Published 12/10/2017

Last few days has certainly been great for the Barcelona captain and Spanish international Andres Iniesta. Iniesta recently committed his future with the club after signing a lifetime contract. The Spaniard played a crucial role in his National Team qualifying for the world cup.

The Spaniard recently suffered a hamstring injury, which ruled him out for 2 weeks. He’s expected to start against Atletico Madrid.

Recently in an interview, when asked about his injury he said, “I am on track to recover from my injury and in the next 2 days we’ll see how everything is, I hope that I feel good & included.”

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When asked whether his age is affecting his game or not,

Iniesta said: “I’ll always be of the opinion that the more you play, the better you will be in the sense that you reach an optimum point.”

“This year, I’ve had some setbacks, if I’m honest, and there have been tough times, but I continue to be positive about things.”

“I talk to [Ernesto] Valverde on a daily basis, but we haven’t discussed that kind of management [of my playing time].”

He added: “I don’t think that being 33 years old means I can’t play as many games.”

“I’m aware that it isn’t the same as being 28, but the important thing is that I feel good.”

Iniesta recently committed his future with the club after signing a lifetime contract. When asked about his lifetime contract, he said, “I understand that when you just hear the headline then it can draw a lot of attention, but it isn’t quite like that.”

Iniesta: “The contract is a football one and I’m not tied to the club when I retire.”

Iniesta: “That wouldn’t make sense as other factors will determine what happens at a certain time.”

Iniesta is really happy at the club and thanks the club for all their support.

Iniesta: “I thank the club for their support, but we can assess what will happen each year as we go on.”

Iniesta: “At this point, I’m completely happy.”

Recently Barcelona had been in the center of news due to the Catalonian Referendum, when asked about the referendum he said,  “I think that it has now reached a point that isn’t good.”


Iniesta: “If I had the solution I would say it, but I don’t. It’s very complicated, but the politicians & people in power have to solve it.”

Iniesta: “I can’t suggest how to fix things. For me, it is difficult to imagine how anyone could be comfortable with what is happening.”

When asked about his future plans, after retirement, he said,  “I don’t think I’ll be a coach, What I’d like to do is stay connected with the world of football & I hope it is at Barcelona.”

Iniesta: “But I do find it difficult to visualise myself as a coach or sporting director.”

Iniesta: “I’m just focused on being at my best now so that I can play tomorrow.”

Barcelona next faces Atletico Madrid and this is what Iniesta had to say ahead of the game, “It is going to be a game with a lot of factors.”

“We’re coming back from the Intl break & playing against a team who always give 200% so it will be a good game for us to enjoy.”

“We need to be at our best. We want to put in a great performance in order to keep the gap between us in the table.”

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