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Arsenal looking to sign Jorginho from Napoli

Siddharth Nair

In the midst of one of their worst spells in the last two decades, Arsenal fans must be wondering what is next as they face the daunting prospect of facing AC Milan this Thursday.

While Arsene Wenger has publicly said that he is confident of turning things around, there are not many, if any Gooners, who will stand behind their manager anymore.

There is a sense of apathy at the club right now, as the fans fury is directed at everyone at the club, from Wenger, the players and the boardroom.

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Arsenal fans still retain immense respect for Wenger, but they all know that the Frenchman is no longer the best man for the job. Wenger and Arsenal get publicly humiliated every weekend, something that is getting difficult for even neutral fans to watch.

Arsene Wenger has one of the greatest managers to ever come into the game, especially in England where in he changed the mentality of football players and brought about his own swashbuckling brand of football to the Premier League.

But that was in the past.

According to man reports, there are several Wenger loyalists who have turned against the manager within the dressing room, something that would in any other club mean the end of the road for the Frenchman.

But Wenger has an incredible amount of power at the club, which is why sacking him is far more difficult than what most people feel. That being said, people within the club have already started preparing for the next season, as a mass clear out is expected to shake things up at Arsenal.

Arsenal are said to be interested in buying 50 Million Napoli midfielder, Jorginho in the summer. This is what his agent has to say,

‘We’re waiting for May. We wish Napoli could win the league. Then if Napoli wants to renew the contract, we talk about it. ‘The same if they want to sell Jorginho. There are no official and concrete proposals for him from UK.

‘I don’t know if De Laurentiis will call me at the end of the season to extend the contract of the player. I suppose that. ‘We are available to deal with. He became Neapolitan and we are in a family. He is a first level player.’

With Aaron Ramsey expected to leave, Jorginho could be a very good replacement for the all-action midfielder.

Watch this space for more!

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