BCCI official shuts down IPL vs PSL debate

Dixit Bhargav
|Published February 26, 2019

BCCI official shuts down IPL vs PSL debate: Reports of IPL players not being allowed to play other T20 leagues have been doing the rounds.

Following the unfortunate Pulwama attacks on February 14, there were plentiful calls regarding the shutting down of ties with Pakistan across fronts including cricket.

The first facet of the sport to come under the clouds was the India-Pakistan match during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Slated to be played on June 16, a majority of Indians were speaking of boycotting it.

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The debate went on to an extent that there was another set of calls in boycotting Pakistan from the entire World Cup. While this was majorly considered to be naive and impractical, there are now talks of the players playing in the Indian Premier League not being allowed to play in any other T20 league, majorly the Pakistan Super League.

It is worth mentioning that all bilateral ties between the neighboring countries have been suspended for more than half a decade now. Having said that, this matter concerning players who belong to neither of the two countries sounds unfair.

“The players job is to play”

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, a BCCI official admitted that a member of the CoA (Committee of Administrators) did propose the idea but it was shut down by the other two members.

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“During the meeting in New Delhi last Friday, a member of the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) did propose the idea, but his proposal was shot down by the other two members. You cannot ask cricketers from other countries to get involved in these matters. They are players and their job is to play and earn a living,” the official was quoted as saying.

If the same reaches fruition, renowned names such as AB de Villiers, Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, Dwayne Bravo, Shane Watson and others will be affected.

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