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“A Man That Injects Hormones…”: Exercise Scientist Dr. Mike Israetel Slammed Liver King’s Fitness Claims

Radha Iyer

“A Man That Injects Hormones…”: Exercise Scientist Dr. Mike Israetel Slammed Liver King’s Fitness Claims

Liver King dropped down from the pedestal of popularity almost just as quickly as he rose to it after getting caught in a web of lies. The self-proclaimed ‘Primal Lifestyle’ advocate fell into troubled waters after fellow influencers discovered copious amounts of steroid consumption despite his claims against it. And now, he recently faced the wrath of exercise scientist, Dr. Mike Israetel.

Dr. Israetel sat down to react to one of Liver King, a.k.a. Brian Johnson’s videos about his nine tenets to primal living. To say that he was stunned and raging at his nonsensical claims was an understatement. He went on to debunk several subjects throughout the video while expressing his disbelief at the promises Johnson provided.

Dr. Mike Israetel debunks the tenets

Starting things off strong, Dr. Israetel took up the topic of Johnson’s infamous tenets first to understand the purpose and conditions of his movement. Almost immediately, he pointed out how the influencer had the tendency to use jargon that didn’t make any sense except sound intellectual.

Johnson’s principles stated to reject modernity and embrace the primal lifestyle to an extreme level. But the scientist disagreed with the notion, explaining how evolution into modern ways has been the primary reason for development and success in sustenance.

As he raged over the false claims, he also pointed out the influencer’s hypocrisy, along with certain instances where he’d indulge in modern items such as kettlebells and backpacks. He even cheekily pointed out how Johnson’s estate in Texas was anything but primal, costing thousands of dollars.

“This is a man that injects hormones into his body. You don’t get much more processed than pharmaceutical-grade growth hormones, but I digress.”

The scientist’s take on ‘Shields’

The Liver King raved about shielding oneself from unnatural elements by turning off the Wi-Fi, abandoning polyester fabric, refraining from using perfumes, and so on. Not only did Dr. Israetel not understand the purpose of these steps, but he also pointed out how even the forces of nature, like the sun, emitted powerful radiation.

As the influencer then went on to take ice-cold dips in frozen lakes, claiming its immense benefits for the body, Dr. Israetel vehemently disagreed with the notion. One didn’t have to resort to an extreme lifestyle to stay fit as long as one got the basics right. Eating healthy, training hard at the gym, getting enough sleep, and generally maintaining good habits could do a lot more than these bizarre techniques.

Lying about his claims

When people eventually caught on to Johnson’s lies, he had to address the controversy in a series of videos. But Dr. Israetel was quick to point out that his apologies weren’t genuine enough. He still seemed to be on some sort of an enhanced hormone dosage.

“Let me tell you something about…borderline sociopaths like Liver King – they have no problem lying after they’ve lied and been exposed. They do the same kind of apology…and…do the same general category of lying.”

Dr. Israetel wrapped up the video with a warning against influencers like Liver King, who wouldn’t bat an eye before making outrageous claims. While it may seem overwhelmingly far-fetched in hindsight, many actively get scammed and need a reliable public figure to debunk such promises.

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