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Dr. Mike Israetel Reveals Tricks to Conquer the Four Ultimate Fat Loss Challenges

Radha Iyer

Dr. Mike Israetel Reveals Tricks to Conquer the Four Ultimate Fat Loss Challenges

A lot of people tread forward in their fitness journey with dreams of slimming down. However, fat loss comes with its own set of challenges and hiccups that might force one to relapse pretty quickly. Dr. Mike Israetel knew this and wanted to give his fans some tips and tricks to beat fat loss challenges.

He divided these challenges into four aspects, where each one targets the individual at a certain level. These may come up even with the simplest diet plan since all of them are triggered by losing calories to some extent.

  • Hunger and Fatigue
  • How long to diet
  • How to train and stay active
  • After diet procedure

Hunger and fatigue are some of the first key symptoms that come with fat and the consequent calorie loss. This happens because even though the activity might be good for the body, Dr. Israetel states that it hates the process. This discomfort shows up in the form of increased hunger, low energy levels, and disrupted sleep patterns.

“Don’t push any harder than you think is sustainable, but challenge yourself.”

Dr. Israetel also advised such people to follow the pattern of “grind diet” and “chill diet” – the two plans on the Simple Science Diet website – for 8-12 weeks. Anything lesser might not provide the desired results, while going over 12 weeks could get exhausting. However, he advised that if one wanted to continue post-12 weeks, they could make the “chill diet” their routine plan and replace a meal with a cheat meal once in a while.

Similarly, for training during dieting, the doctor suggested weight lifting 2-4 times a week so that one remains lean with the diet and builds upper body muscles with the weights. Apart from that, covering about 10k steps a day regularly should make up for daily activity.

Lastly, Dr. Israetel advised that one should begin the next round of a hardcore diet only after eight weeks of recovery. Dieting can be difficult and taxing on the body, and people need to relax for a while before diving back in. In fact, he even once talked about the compulsory components of a meal, to ensure that people included appropriate nutrition.

Dr. Mike Israetel once revealed the simplest diet ever

A meal plan consists of various sources of nutrients in the form of different fruits, veggies, meat, dairy, and so on. But one might fall into the trap of including too much or too little of something essential, thus disrupting the balance. That’s why Dr. Israetel listed just four components to keep in mind while curating a diet.

Lean protein, vegetables, fruits, grains, and healthy fats should be included in that exact order in a meal. Protein should ideally constitute most of the meal, followed by the rest. With the help of batch cooking, meal prep, and readily prepped raw ingredients, one can easily follow their ideal diet plan.

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