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Exercise Scientist Mike Israetel Recommends the Best Foods to Make Fat Loss Easier; During Chris Williamson’s Podcast

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Exercise Scientist Mike Israetel Recommends the Best Foods to Make Fast Loss Easier During Chris Williamson’s Podcast

In a recent episode of Chris Williamson’s podcast Modern Wisdom, renowned exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel shared valuable insights on optimizing nutrition for fat loss. Drawing from his extensive background in sports science and bodybuilding, Israetal offered listeners a curated list of foods that can make the challenging process of losing body fat more manageable.

His evidence-based recommendations aim to help individuals navigate their weight loss journeys with greater ease and effectiveness. When he received this question from the podcast’s host, he responded as straightforwardly as he normally does, saying:

“Raspberries are great. Blueberries will kill you, and they’re terrible. Next question.”

After a little sarcasm, Dr. Mike gets to the point by saying that there is no such thing as a proper food that can be used to lose weight. He goes back in time to demonstrate the “demonization” of sugar, which is considered to be harmful to one’s health.

However, according to Dr. Mike, the notion is completely incorrect, and he also discusses how saturated fats have historically been blamed for preventing people from becoming thin. All of the aforementioned criteria have no direct impact on one’s determination to lose fat because it all comes down to calorie balance.

Dr. Mike emphasizes that knowing the components of food, whether it is all carbs, protein, or vitamins, is beneficial to their diet knowledge, but implementing it can be difficult for many people. However, the exercise scientist adds another key insight into the overall food intake, saying:

“A very important thing to consider is the palatability of your food and the fullness factor your food gives you, because hunger is a real thing.”

Dr. Mike advises selecting food for a caloric deficit, that strikes a balance between palpability and moderation. The meals should be satisfying enough to consume but not so enticing to encourage overeating.

Conversely, the food should not be unappealing that it discourages adherence to the diet plan. He further comes up with a solution for the food intake during such diets, saying:

“If you’re dieting for fat loss, try to have foods that aren’t like exotically delicious. Veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean meats—not a ton of sauces, not a crazy ton of flavor.”

Since this is a perennially popular subject in the fitness industry, he is not unfamiliar with the concept of fat loss. However, the exercise scientist offers further recommendations in the same podcast that will help with losing fat in addition to the nutritional approach.

Dr. Mike Israetel’s suggestion- include resistance training to lose fat

Resistance training is a common way to get in shape, and Dr. Mike Israetel thinks his followers can do even better by making weight training a top priority. Even those just starting in the fitness industry can benefit from this regimen, as it will help them to shed weight, and feel stronger and better as they progress through the program.

Dana White’s change is further emphasized by the exercise scientist, who remembers that, owing to weight training, the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship lost about 35 pounds and acquired 5–15 pounds of muscle. Despite the widespread misconception that these programs will make women look muscular, Dr. Mike says that they should take the plunge into them because of the many health benefits they provide.

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