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“Very Big Loss”: 46-Year-Old Portuguese “Monster” Bodybuilder’s Demise Leaves Fitness World Numb With Sadness

Radha Iyer

“Very Big Loss”: 46-Year-Old Portuguese “Monster” Bodybuilder’s Demise Leaves Fitness World Numb With Sadness

Portuguese bodybuilding icon Marco Cesar Aguiar Luis has passed away at 46. Also known as the “Monster”, he became popular for his shredded physique and online presence that fitness enthusiasts had often been in awe of.

Luis was last seen in Cologne, Germany attending the FIBO Fitness event and meeting fellow bodybuilders. His wife, Mariza Luis, announced his sudden demise with an emotional note on the bodybuilder’s profile. Dave Palumbo’s Instagram page RxMuscle recently paid their tributes to Luis and the comments were flooded with fitness enthusiasts penning their heartfelt condolences.

With over 25,000 followers on Instagram, the Portuguese powerhouse updated fans on his workouts and participation in various competitions. Calling himself an online coach and motivator, Luis often gave fitness advice through his content.

Heartbroken at his demise, his wife admitted that while she wasn’t a huge fan of posting online, she had to return to his account to confirm the news. She informed fans that Luis passed away in Cologne, Germany, due to a heart attack.


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“He was in his ‘paradise’ doing what he loves… I thank you in advance for all the support I’ve received.”

Since Luis died in a foreign country, Mariza revealed that things might take a while to settle down. Meanwhile, she requested fans to give her some privacy and respect the situation as she navigated through what lay ahead.

“Marco may have had his own way of thinking and acting but he was a humble person and never hurt anyone.”

She also commented under the RxMuscle’s tribute to her late husband, informing fans of her identity and asking for grace. Fans sent their condolences to Luis’ family while expressing disbelief about the situation.

The bodybuilding community gathers to pay their respects to the ‘Monster’

Fitness enthusiasts were saddened by the news of Luis’ sudden demise. The RxMuscle page informed how he was a close acquaintance of the staff and knew how passionate he was about the sport. Some fans pointed out certain concerning details about his ‘not natural’ status.

“I’m sad to hear this. I spoke to him once online and yes he was taking 3 – 4 times the amount myself and even my clients that are 270 lbs and above take. Rest in peace Marco…It’s very sad news.”

Highlighting how many bodybuilders have been losing their lives due to their extreme lifestyle choices, a diet coach remarked:

“Hate hearing so many of our iron brothers pass. Guys it’s not worth it come off take a break. We chatted online before very nice guy…”

Pro coach and bodybuilding icon Milos Sarcev also paid his respects.

“So sad. Sincere condolences to his family.”

Another bodybuilding enthusiast who previously met Luis attested to his passion for the sport.

“Such a nice guy and so passionate about the sport. A very big loss. My warmest wishes for his family.”

Lastly, a bodybuilding coach also called for respect amongst fellow fitness enthusiasts.

“Keep in mind his family may see your comments. Please be kind for his family’s sake”

Luis may have lost his life at an alarmingly young age, but his passion and love for bodybuilding weren’t foreign to the masses. He leaves behind a legacy of his contributions to the sport and an undying zeal to be better.

Post Edited By:Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

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