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“You’re on a Mission”: Dr. Mike Israetel Reveals His Go-To Hack for Dieting During Fat-Loss Plan

Radha Iyer

“You’re on a Mission”: Dr. Mike Israetel Reveals His Go-To Hack for Dieting During Fat-Loss Plan

Dieting can bring with it a whole new world of possibilities in terms of improving health, weight, and physique. At the same time, it also brings in challenges that one might be unprepared for. Dr. Mike Israetel got into a detailed conversation with podcast host Chris Williamson, where he talked about this phenomenon in detail.

Amidst several problems that people come across while dieting, one of them is feeling directionless upon beginning a plan. While one might have a training routine fixed, scouring for ingredients and food sources to whip up a dish that suits one’s dietary needs seems like a challenge.

It is also possible that one might go blank entering a supermarket or a restaurant due to not being aware of the ingredients in a dish or lacking the time to pick something according to one’s diet plan. Unfortunately, this often results in individuals picking nutritionally devoid or bland foods to choose the safest option.

This is why Dr. Israetel suggested having a list of go-to items for situations that might offer many options. Going into such places with a fixed list of things cuts down on the confusion and allows the individual to enjoy while on a particular diet plan.

“You have an arsenal of ideas about what to eat. You don’t want to go to the grocery store b**ls deep into a diet or a business dinner b**ls deep into a diet, and look at either the groceries in front of you…or the menu like a child looks at something for the first time.”

Dr. Israetel also suggested looking up food menus of a restaurant beforehand to get some ideas on one’s go-to order. This helps the individual be in a normal state of mind and easily cuts off the uneasiness of choosing food items while on a diet.

“You’re on a mission when you’re on a diet. Don’t forget that. You show up, you’re looking for specific things and that’s a big tip! Because if you show up and go ‘oh I wonder what I should eat…’ you might order some good stuff. You might not.”

Apart from this, asking for substitutions at a restaurant, choosing the right ingredients with the help of a grocery shopping list, the correct technique of cooking, etc. could help ease any diet plan.

Dr. Mike Israetel also suggested combining diet with an appropriate training routine for fat loss

Resistance training has historically captured attention for increasing strength and potentially helping individuals shed some pounds. However, Dr. Israetel pointed out some catches in the theory and suggested an addition to resistance training that could be a game-changer for fat loss.

Instead of sticking to resistance training alone, which would preserve muscle while shedding some amount of fat, he suggested combining it with ample weight training. This way, one not only loses fat but also grows stronger and increases muscle mass.

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