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Clash-a-Rama: Simpsons, Supercell and the future.

Arnab Mukherjee


Before “Lost and Crowned”, there was Clash-a-Rama, Supercell’s first-ever animated show that became extremely popular in the Clash Community.

Supercell released its first animated short film, “Lost and Crowned a Clash Short”, yesterday. However, this was not Supercell’s first attempt at animated cartoons, far from it. The company has already produced an animated series called Clash-a-Rama. The show premiered on YouTube almost 4 years ago and went on for two seasons.

What is Clash-a-Rama? Who made it?

Much like “Lost and Crowned”, Clash-a-Rama also featured familiar characters from the Clash universe and their lives outside the game. From lazy giants to thrifty Goblins, it managed to bring out the eccentricities unique to each character. The show consisted of episodes that were about 11 minutes long. However, Clash-a-Rama, unlike Lost and Crowned, was a 2-D production. The show was produced collectively by Supercell and Rough Draft Studios. However, the most interesting addition to the backroom staff were 3 writers from The Simpsons. In fact, they were the ones who conceived the show in the first place.

Why did the Simpsons chip in?

You see, it turns out, the Clash universe games were so popular that even these three writers from the hit show got the hang of it. As a result, they spent hours of every day playing the game. In fact, they even had a clan exclusive to the show’s members. So, one day the writers thought that instead of just playing the game, they should do something creative with it. That is how Clash-a-Rama came about. It was their way of giving back to the community.

Clash-a-Rama & Lost and Crowned: The first of many.

Although Clash-a-Rama went on for only 2 seasons, the show amassed hundreds of millions of views. It also provided Supercell with a wonderful new method of entertaining its fanbase while also advertising the game.

The case of videogame franchises trying a hand at the motion picture genre is nothing new. Games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft have successfully attempted it in the past. The latter was even successfully adapted into a movie franchise. Therefore, Supercell’s step-up from a 2-D cartoon to a 3-D short film could be indicative of similar advancements.

Therefore, with popularity blasting through the roof and fans wanting more, it would not be surprising if the company has some big projects of a similar sort planned for the future.

The fans are really excited! Stay Tuned! Fingers Crossed!

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