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“Rom, iska photo le lo”: How an Amul advertisement helped Kapil Dev propose to wife Romi Bhatia

Gurpreet Singh

"Rom, iska photo le lo": How an Amul advertisement helped Kapil Dev propose to wife Romi Bhatia

When a Cricket fan/follower hears the name ‘Kapil Dev’, it is team India’s maiden Cricket World Cup title accomplishment which is likely to hit their mind as an impulsive description.

Having travelled to the UK with the title of ‘underdogs’ as a prominent footnote, and then defeating the mighty West  Indies in the grand finale at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground under Kapil Dev’s leadership, the story has been registered forever in the chapters of books on leadership or self-belief.

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The entire journey before the team’s arrival in the country to lifting the World Cup title at the Lord’s Cricket Ground balcony, had been beautifully portrayed in the movie ‘83‘, which was released around a year ago starring the likes of Ranvir Singh (playing Kapil Dev) and Deepika Padukone (playing Kapil Dev’s wife) as the prominent names.

With the movie not touching much on the players’ personal lives, Kapil’s first-ever proposal to wife Romi Bhatia is an interesting story in itself, happening out of the Blue resulting from the display of popular brand advertisement.

Amul advertisement helped Kapil Dev propose to wife Romi Bhatia

One must have come across the quirky advertisements on display across several hoardings of the popular Indian dairy brand – ‘AMUL’.

Known for their wordplay and catchy phrases mostly based on topics related to current affairs, the brand had come up with a similar advertisement involving Kapil Dev as the subject.

It caricatured Kapil’s two prominent front teeth coming out with an AMUL butter, with the wordplay on the word ‘Kapil’, which was replaced with ‘couple’ (of his teeth).

“Amul had come out with a great ad. So, instead of ‘a couple of these’, they said ‘Kapil of these make all the difference’, with my two teeth coming out with butter.” Kapil had remarked during the radio show No Filter Neha three years ago.

Impressed with the unique advertisement, the former Indian captain suggested Romi Bhatia (who he later married) to take the picture of the ad, which they would later show it to their kids.

“So that ad, it was very funny and I said to my better half, ‘Rom, iska photo le lo (Romi, take the picture).’ She said, ‘Kyu? (Why).’ I said, ‘bacho ko dikhaenge (We will show it to our kids).’ So she said, ‘Are you proposing?’ I said, ‘what’s it sound like?’ (sic),” Kapil Dev further added.

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Gurpreet Singh


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