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Dhoni replies to AB De Villiers’ questions about his retirement

Chaithanya Sagar

MS Dhoni's lightning glove work

The legendary MS Dhoni has captured the imagination of the cricketing world. From a long maned rockstar batsman to now the elderly statesman of Indian cricket, Dhoni himself has come a long way.

Today Dhoni receives the same sort of reverence that Sachin Tendulkar got during his last few years in the game. You know that there can only be one reason why people start cheering at the fall of an Indian wicket because it means Dhoni’s arriving.

Virat Kohli has already shown signs of being as good if not a better leader than MS Dhoni, which is a fantastic sign for Indian cricket.

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Dhoni’s fan following goes beyond Indian shores as he has fans all over the world. One of his biggest fans is modern great AB De Villiers.

One of the finest batsman of his generation, AB has been credited with revolutionizing the game and taking it to new heights.

Apparently AB had recently asked Dhoni about retiring to which the Indian keeper gave a wonderful reply.

“I’ve mentioned it to people before, I’m not sure who, but I don’t know exactly how he does it. Going non-stop day in and day out. I’ve asked him actually after we played in the World Cup of 2015. India beats us at Melbourne. He stood there at the post match presentation. I asked him how long are you gonna do this for. He said ‘I love every second of it’,” de Villiers told The Ring Side View.

“It was only then I realised he is one of a kind and I’ll always have respect for him for what he has achieved in his career,” added AB.

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