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20 Years After Watching Chinese GP, Zhou Guanyu Outlines Expectations Ahead of F1’s Return To His Hometown

Somin Bhattacharjee

20 Years After Watching Chinese GP, Zhou Guanyu Outlines Expectations Ahead of F1’s Return To His Hometown

After five years, the Chinese GP returns to the F1 calendar, and if there’s one person who is most excited about its arrival, it’s Zhou Guanyu. 20 years ago, Zhou saw his first-ever F1 race at the Shanghai International Circuit as a small child. In two weeks, he will suit up in front of his home fans, hoping to inspire a whole new generation of talented drivers coming out of China.

Zhou appeared in a video for Shanghai Let’s Meet, who posted the video on their YouTube channel. He talked about his expectations heading into his first home race in his F1 career, and the 24-year-old said, “I’ve experienced a lot in the past years. But finally, I’ve achieved my dream.” 

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“I’m really looking forward to finally making my debut at home. And showing my best performance in front of all the fans.” 

Zhou hails from the city of Shanghai itself and is excited about getting the opportunity to race on the circuit, which has so many memories from when he was a child. He became a fan of Fernando Alonso after watching the Spaniard compete at the Shanghai International Circuit almost every single year.

Realistically speaking, a points finish is the best Zhou can hope for heading into the Chinese GP. Even that could be far-fetched, considering Sauber’s performance so far this season and especially their pit stop struggles. But given how it is a Sprint weekend, there could be some surprises heading our way.

Zhou Guanyu’s chances of scoring points at the Chinese GP

A lot of F1 drivers on the current grid have never raced in China. Even the more experienced ones who have raced, did so a long time ago [in 2019] which could make the outing very exciting. Shanghai is also set to host 2024’s first sprint weekend, which means drivers will get just one 60-minute practice session to test the track and their set-ups.

Zhou never drove an F1 car in front of his home fans. But he knows the Shanghai International Circuit inside out. The Chinese driver will be looking to bank on that, and the support of his home fans in hopes of securing some points.

Sauber, Zhou’s team, does not look good enough to compete in the top 10 as of now. However, incidents on the track, unfamiliarity for some drivers, and the fact that it is a sprint weekend could allow Zhou to put in a memorable display in front of his home fans.

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