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After Snubbing McLaren for Larger Dreams, Alex Palou Reveals He Had No Opportunity to Enter F1

Srijon Jana

After Snubbing McLaren for Larger Dreams, Alex Palou Reveals He Had No Opportunity to Enter F1

Alex Palou has been one of the most revered Indycar drivers in recent times due to his exploits in the American series. After recently turning his back on McLaren and leaving Zak Brown disappointed, it was believed that Palou had given up on his only chance to get into Formula 1. However, in a recent interview with Marca, Palou revealed that even with McLaren, there was no real opportunity for him to get into F1.

Palou had signed up with McLaren back in 2022 for one of their programs that allowed him to test the McLaren F1 cars. Currently acting as the reserve driver of the team in F1, Palou had signed a deal with McLaren that ensured that he would be a part of McLaren’s Indycar Team in 2024.

However, Palou recently turned his back on the contract and admitted that he wants to continue racing in Indycar with his current team, Chip Ganassi Racing, with whom he won the championship this year. Quite evidently, this offended the Woking-based outfit and it was believed that Palou had shut the only door he had that opens up to an F1 seat.

Alex Palou reveals why he chose to shut the door on McLaren

Palou, the newly crowned Indycar champion revealed the thought process behind his decision. After winning the Portland GP and claiming his second Indycar title, Palou sat down for a conversation with MARCA where he was asked why he chose to continue with Chip Ganassi Racing.

Palou said that even after being a part of McLaren, he never really saw any proper opportunity to get into Formula 1. Talking about his choice to reject McLaren for Chip Ganassi, Palou said, “There was no real opportunity in F1 . That explains everything. But of course it also helps to have the best car in IndyCar.”

However, Palou admitted that his F1 tests helped him get better as a driver overall. He added that he learnt a lot about racing in general after making his F1 debut during the FP1 session in COTA back in 2022. He believes that the private tests also helped him a lot and he will always appreciate anything that helps him learn and improve his racing skills.

Palou reveals that chances to move to F1 in the future are bleak

Talking about his future, Palou revealed that there might be an option for him to move to F1, but the chances are extremely limited. He explained that if the chances did not come after his Indycar championship runs in 2021 and 2023, they probably won’t come in the future either.

However, he commented that it is not the case that he is impatiently waiting for an F1 seat. Palou believes that he has a position of extreme privilege in Indycar, being a part of the best team on the grid. As of now, he wants to enjoy that and focus on the championship next year.

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