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“Blood Dripping From His Teeth”: Alpine Advised Against Playing With Fire as Flavio Briatore Prepares to Make F1 Return

Naman Gopal Srivastava

“Blood Dripping From His Teeth”: Alpine Advised Against Playing With Fire as Flavio Briatore Prepares to Make F1 Return

In a surprising move, Alpine is reportedly looking to bring Flavio Briatore back to F1 as part of a major overhaul. Per GP Blog, Briatore could soon become a ‘special advisor’ at Alpine, meaning he won’t be directly involved at the track. Given the same, veteran F1 Journalist Joe Saward has warned the French team against the move, claiming no good will come out of it.

In his online blog, Saward mentioned the past controversies with Briatore at the helm. Highlighting the same, Saward claimed that the modern F1 age of F1 doesn’t need associations with a “sleazy history.” He added that if Alpine were to bring the 74-year-old on board, it would be like putting their “head into the mouth of a lion.”

“Renault is basically a state-owned enterprise and the management should be pulled up on something like this as it is akin to putting the company’s head into the mouth of a lion, with blood dripping from his teeth, and thinking that it will all work out for the best in the end.”, Saward stated.

Briatore was single-handedly responsible for some of the most controversial incidents in F1 history. With Benetton Racing, he was at the helm of proceedings when the team was found to use Traction Control in their system.

Then, in 2008, Briatore was in charge of the Renault team when the infamous crashgate incident took place. Following the same, the sport banned the Italian team boss.

But who is Flavio Briatore?

Having lived many lives, Flavio Briatore started with nothing. Now, the 74-year-old sees eye to eye with some of the biggest names in the world and has become an established name in Monaco. Taken on by Benetton in the 1980s, Briatore found an opportunity like none other and in a few years, made the ready-to-wear clothing brand a global phenomenon.

In 1988, he attended his first-ever Grand Prix and soon became the Director of Benetton’s F1 team. Under his leadership, Michael Schumacher won the team’s first-ever drivers’ title in ’94, followed by a second title in ’95. During the same time, he also bought the French Ligier team, forming ties with Renault.

Often referred to as the ‘Nightspot King of Monaco,’ Briatore also owns Sardinia, which is a billionaire nightclub. Incredibly select and reserved for a hand-picked clientele, the club combines a gourmet dinner and top-flight entertainment.

After a French court overturned his ban, Briatore returned to the sport after over a decade. The Italian also manages Fernando Alonso as the duo have had a great relationship ever since the latter’s time at Renault. Now, when he isn’t busy accompanying Stefano Domenicali or Alonso, Briatore is often alongside Monaco’s Prince Albert ll.

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