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Daniel Ricciardo Is Not THAT Vain- $20 Million Property Portfolio Does Not Include Bizarre Dubai House

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Daniel Ricciardo Is Not THAT Vain- $20 Million Property Portfolio Does Not Include Bizarre Dubai House

Daniel Ricciardo came into the news earlier this year after pictures of what was reported to be his house in Dubai got leaked to the media. They showed a metal statue of himself, commemorating his iconic leap into the Monaco swimming pool following in 2018 win. However, the honey badger has now had enough of these claims and revealed that the house in question wasn’t even his.

Ricciardo’s claim refutes multiple sources, including Fox News. The V-CARB driver said that people make stories about things they hear just once, without checking all the facts.

“It’s a shame people think this is what I would do. It’s very vain. It’s very silly. But no, it is not my house.”

Known to be the ‘funny guy’ in the F1 paddock, the community felt that Ricciardo was capable of having a metal statue made of himself. However, the 34-year-old would never resort to that level of vanity as he revealed.

Ricciardo owns multiple properties from all over the world. Worth over $20 million, he has an apartment in Monaco, a farm in Australia near his home city Perth, and a mansion in Los Angeles. However, there are no definitive reports that suggest that Ricciardo owns a house in Dubai as well.

Daniel Ricciardo has three homes, none of which are in Dubai

Ricciardo’s farm in Australia is near Perth, in a place called Duncraig, where he was born. It features an underground garage and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, as reported by Hello Magazine.

Secondly, like most F1 drivers, he has a place to stay in Monaco. Tax benefits and proximity to F1’s destinations compelled the former Red Bull driver to buy an abode in the Principality. However, he doesn’t spend a lot of time there.

Ricciardo’s time is mainly split between his farm in Australia and his ultra-luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. The property, worth $18.6 million, features floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor pool. It has five bedrooms and also offers great views of the Pacific Ocean and Coldwater Canyon.

For Ricciardo, who loves the USA, having a place to stay among the elite in Los Angeles made a lot of sense, which is why he bought his mansion in the first place.

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