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Eifel GP 2020 Weather Forecast: What’s the weather forecast of Nurburgring this weekend?

Subham Jindal

Eifel GP 2020 Weather Forecast: What’s the weather forecast of Nurburgring this weekend?

Eifel GP 2020 Weather Forecast: What will be the weather conditions at Nurburgring, at this weekend’s Eifel Grand Prix?

Nurburgring, also known as “German Hell” is back on the F1 Calendar, and it promises to be colder than ever. So cold, it could be the coldest race of the F1 2020 Calendar. This will bring a respite in the grid after warm races at Italy’s Mugello and Russia’s Sochi.

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Races on this track have traditionally been held in cold conditions, even when it was held in July. Now that is is in October, the track temperatures are expected to drop more than ever. This will increase the emphasis on the tyre strategies the teams use with their drivers, to warm the tyres enough for good stability.

Eifel GP 2020 Weather Forecast

The weather forecast by the official site of Formula 1 predicts rain this weekend, which will help in further lowering the track temperatures. With this in mind, the teams would do well to keep their wet and intermediate tyres handy, especially for Saturday and Sunday. The practise sessions tomorrow would give a fair idea of what to expect on the weekdays.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9 – FP1 & FP2 WEATHER                                                                          Conditions: Overcast and wet with a high chance of frequent drizzle during the day.
Maximum temperature expected: 14 Celsius
Chance of rain: 80%

Conditions: Cloudy start with a moderate chance of rain, then progressively scattered during the afternoon.
Maximum temperature expected: 11 Celsius
Chance of rain: 60%

Conditions: Chilly morning and scattered clouds all day long. Increasing the chance of rain during the afternoon.
Maximum temperature expected: 9 Celsius.
Chance of rain: 60%

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