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Ferrari Engineer Explains Fred Vasseur Instills Confidence in the Team to Take Risky Decisions

Nischay Rathore

Ferrari Engineer Explains Fred Vasseur Instills Confidence in the Team to Take Risky Decisions

After suffering defeat at the hands of Mercedes in the battle for second in 2023, Ferrari bounced back in style in 2024. The Maranello side successfully registered a race win within the first three races of this season. Apart from that, they have been podium regulars, barring just one race in six so far. As per Jock Clear, the secret to their success lies in the freedom Fred Vasseur has given his engineers.

Motorsport-Total quoted Clear as saying, “He [Vasseur] gives people the confidence to say: No, we can try something different, and if we learn something, that’s all we can do. If it goes wrong, we’ve still learned something. He gives people the confidence to do that and I think that’s been noticeable since Fred’s been here and people are enjoying that.”

The lack of freedom is one of the biggest criticisms Ferrari faced in recent years. In a 2022 interview with the Pitstop podcast, Marc Priestley highlighted the environment of fear in the Maranello-based team.

The former McLaren mechanic blamed the hostile environment for curbing the crew’s creativity. That fear of facing retaliation for a failed decision, however, may have come down under Fred Vasseur.

The Frenchman, as per Clear, has inculcated an environment that is conducive to people trying “new things”. The freedom to do so stems from the confidence Vasseur places in his crew and protects them from any retribution that might follow if the decision in question fails to reap its rewards.

Results have already begun to show how the approach is reaping rewards. Ferrari is currently stationed as the fastest behind Red Bull, with chances of extracting victories on tracks that suit them. Had it not been for the recent uptick in performance, Max Verstappen would have continued to enjoy unchallenged dominance.

Fred Vasseur gunning for the long game

A change in the environment is not the only step Fred Vasseur has taken to ensure Ferrari’s success. He has passionately taken up the task of bringing the right personnel for the right job. The 55-year-old is not afraid to poach talent from rival teams if that is what he needs to do.

The most recent example is that of Loic Serra. Serra, who was a crucial part of Mercedes, serving as their Performance Director, will join the Maranello side later this year in October. The French engineer will head the chassis performance department for the Italian outfit.

Vasseur’s biggest heist, however, remains the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver will join Ferrari in 2025. But that is not where Vasseur will stop.

Reports suggest a passionate approach has been taken up by him to bring Adrian Newey to his side. The Briton will leave Red Bull in the first quarter of 2025 and will be free to join any team thereafter.

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