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Lewis Hamilton Advised to “Open Himself” To Trailer of Ferrari Life As Tifosi Await at Imola

Mahim Suhalka

Lewis Hamilton Advised to “Open Himself” To Trailer of Ferrari Life As Tifosi Await at Imola

Sky Sports F1 expert Karun Chandhok has advised Lewis Hamilton to “open himself” up this weekend in Imola as the Briton is all set to get his first taste of Ferrari life in front of the Tifosi despite not having officially joined the Prancing Horse yet. On the Sky Sports F1 podcast, Chandhok explained how there is immense excitement among people to see the kind of love Hamilton is likely to receive in Imola this weekend.

Chandhok said, “The Italians, the reason we love them and they love Formula 1 is passion, isn’t it? They are such hugely passionate people. We know Lewis wears his heart on his sleeve. If he sort of opens up a bit more to them over this weekend,  I’m sure they will absolutely embrace every opportunity they can to welcome him in.”

Matt Baker also gave his insight and suggested how the passionate fanbase could’ve played a part in Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari. Baker also pointed out how the current Mercedes man isn’t shying away from signing Ferrari merchandise during race weekends.

Lewis Hamilton already has the Ferrari fanbase’s respect

Lewis Hamilton may have been one of Ferrari’s biggest rivals ever since his first championship win in 2008. However, despite their different allegiances, the Tifosi respect a driver for their qualities.

This was the case with Ayrton Senna and this is the case with Hamilton now. Italian journalist Roberto Chinchero proved that with his statement about the Tifosi’s reception for the seven-time world champion in Italy a few seasons ago.

He said, “When you’ve won more than 100 Grands Prix, you’ve won seven world championships… I remember, in Italy there was a big support to Lewis after Abu Dhabi 2021. I think probably 80 percent of the Italians were supporting Lewis [Hamilton] in that moment.”

Although many would assume that no Ferrari fan wants to see Michael Schumacher being surpassed, the support the Briton has received ever since the conclusion of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP tells a different sport. This support is likely to grow exponentially once he puts on the red suit next year.

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Mahim Suhalka

Mahim Suhalka

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