Cover Image for Man escapes $421 in fine for driving illegal F2 car in Ferrari livery on public highway

Man escapes $421 in fine for driving illegal F2 car in Ferrari livery on public highway

Somin Bhattacharjee
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Driving an F2 car is a dream for all fans but one actually lived it by doing so on a normal highway road in the Czech Republic. 

Earlier this week, some videos of an F2 car being driven on a normal highway road began circulating around social media. Someone who was in another vehicle behind it took the video. It showed a red car, that heavily resembled a Formula 2 chassis, zooming about.

The location of this video was the Czech Republic. The incident triggered a police investigation as it is illegal to drive an F2 or F1 car on public highways.

Police tracked down the suspect but the driver denied the charges. He got away with a fine of $421 and a one-year ban because he was wearing a helmet.

Fans on Twitter completely lost it when they saw this video. A lot of jokes and funny theories about the same began pouring out and the majority of them revolved around Ferrari.

Ferrari strategists were also heavily made fun of in the comments. One fan related this to Charles Leclerc’s race strategist making him leave the F1 track during a race!

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Ferrari doesn’t want to change its approach despite making multiple errors in the first half

Ferrari started the year on a hugely positive note. Leclerc won two of the opening three races, finishing P2 in the other. It looked like the Scuderia were finally back, and they could get back to the top by challenging for the World Title.

Performance wise we could say that Ferrari brought a great mechanical package. Reliability, on the other hand, turned out to be a major problem for them. Their engine issues have led to both Leclerc and Carlos Sainz retiring from positions where they could have earned big points for the team.

On top of their reliability concerns, the Ferrari strategists have had a tough time with this campaign. Their decision-making has ruined their drivers’ races on more than one occasion and has made the Tifosi absolutely furious. In spite of all these problems, team boss Mattia Binotto insists that they don’t need to change their approach.

“There’s nothing to change,” he said to “I think it’s always a matter of confidence, learning, building, building experience, building skills.

“But if I look again at the balance of the first half of the season. There is no reason why we should change. I think we simply need to understand and address that and try to be competitive.”

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