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Max Verstappen Gets Helping Hand From F1 Expert in Bringing About Massive Changes to F1 Sprint’s Future

Srijon Jana

Max Verstappen Gets Helping Hand From F1 Expert in Bringing About Massive Changes to F1 Sprint’s Future

F1’s newest innovation – the sprint races, has been quite polarizing with some drivers in favor of it and others against it. One of the main voices against the sprint races is that of Max Verstappen, who believes that the shortened races add absolutely nothing to the sport. However, as per, Sky Sport’s David Croft believes that he has a solution for the same.

After being introduced in 2021, the Sprint format underwent several changes before F1 finally settled on having separate qualifying sessions for the main race and the sprint race.

The initial format where the finishing order of the sprint decided the starting order for the main race was subject to widespread criticism with drivers claiming that they were afraid to risk things during the sprint race because it could affect the Grand Prix. Therefore, they played it safe, which defeated the whole purpose of having a short, flat-out race.

Even with the new format, not all drivers are happy. As mentioned, Max Verstappen is not a fan of this new experiment. But it should also be taken into account that there are also drivers who do like the extra opportunity to score some points. Croft’s solution works well for both of these parties.

Max Verstappen can sit out of the Sprint races if needed

One of the most experienced personalities in the paddock, David Croft has an ingenious solution for the Sprint race critics. In the latest edition of the Sky Sports F1 podcast, Croft mentioned that F1 should try and make the Sprint races part of a separate championship altogether.

Croft said, “The sprint concept is good. But I would rather not see it as part of the regular championship. I would like it better if two separate championships were made.”

This will satisfy the drivers who are not in favor of the sprint races. Because if it is part of a separate championship, then they can simply sit out for the race. The teams can instead give their reserve drivers a run, which will also be beneficial for said drivers.

Verstappen’s domination includes sprint races as well

Even though Verstappen seems to hate the sprint races, he has been utterly dominant in the same. The 2023 season has seen three sprint races so far in Azerbaijan, Austria and Belgium, with three more to come in Qatar, Austin, and Brazil.

Verstappen has managed to take victory in two of the three Sprints with a P2 in the other one. The extra points in the sprint races are only helping him charge towards his third championship title faster than he would have been able to do normally.

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